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The Lee Jung Hyun Community

In honor of a Goddess

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All Members , Moderated

From her extreme dance moves, her sensitive songs and her lively danceable Korean Jams, Lee Jung Hyun is an absolute Goddess of music. This community is to worship her. Every fan is free to join!

Discuss your favorite songs of Lee Jung Hyun, why you like her, favorite websites, your own websites, anything you'd like to share and discuss about the lovely Goddess, please discuss it here!

This community is maintained by summoner_ashli.


There aren't really any major rules, other than that you are a fan. No bashing of the other members, or Lee Jung Hyun herself. This community is to praise and support her, not bash her at all. I would like to get to know all the community members, so please post and tell us about yourself and why you are a fan!

Creating layouts and icons is fine, as long as they go by me first. So far, our beautiful layout and icons were created by the wonderful mrs_hoodieman! Arigatou Gozaimasu ^^

Additionally, I would like to spread the joy of Lee Jung Hyun by sharing songs. I have so far every song that I know of, and if there is a song that you cannot find, or need, you can contact me via AIM. My screen name is Sexxxy Ashli. I don't bite, honest ^.~ I really like to give out songs! Additionally, for her new album, Passion, I am providing all of the mp3's for the new album ^.~

Anyways, have fun and just enjoy the goddess herself, Lee Jung Hyun!

ahnyah, an empty dream, anti-drug, ari ari, ari ari (remix), ba kkwo, ban, ban (remix), believe, bird, brighter than sunshine, ca tient moi, choong gyuk, dal ah dal ah, dance, dance dance revolution, dda, ddr, ddr 3rd mix, ddr 3rd mix korean, doh jun, domino, don't bother me, dream, end, escape, feel me, fever, follow me, french kiss, gx 339-4, heaven, i love natural, i love x, i'll never die, j-pop, jahl muhkkoh jahl sahrahrah, joolae, jpop, k-pop, karma, korean, korean techno, kpop, lee jung hyun, ljh, love is a secret, mi chyo, misty, miuwoyo, monologue, moonlight, music, mwul duh bah rae, nal bwah, no more terror, nonstop party, nuh, nuh (techno), peace, pi uh, prism, q, rave, rhythm nature, seduce, set it up now, soori soori ma soori, summer dance, summer party, sun flower, surprise party, techno, tell me, ti nah seh, time machine, trance, vol. 2, wa, wait, world