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Drummer, Vinnie Paul

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Born in Abilene, Texas, on March 11, 1964, Vincent Paul Abbott (Vinnie Paul) is one of the greatest heavy metal drummers ever to play a drum set. He is best known as the drummer for the former band known as Pantera, which he was a part of with his younger brother Dimebag Darrell.

Vinnie’s father, Jerry Abbott, is a country music writer and producer. His mother supported both his father’s and his work equally. His brother Dimebag helped him form the band Pantera in 1981. Other original band members included Terry Glaze, Tommy D. Bradford, and Donnie Hart. Donnie Hart was only a temporary vocalist, as he left the band shortly after it was formed, which is when Glaze took position behind the vocals. However, in the summer of 1982, Bradford also left the band and was replaced by Rex Brown. With that lineup of musicians, Pantera released 3 separate albums.

In 1988, Pantera found their star lead vocalist that most people know today, who is of course Phil Anselmo. He replaced Glaze and by 1990 the band was signed to Acto Records and released their turning point album entitled Cowboys From Hell. Throughout the 90s, they released four more studio albums, as well as a live album and then Pantera was nominated for four best metal performance Grammy awards for the songs “Suicide Note Pt. 1”, I’m Broken”, Cemetery Gates”, and “Revolution Is My Name”.

In 2001, the band took a break due to Anselmo’s back pain caused by excessive touring and recording for his side projects. In 2003, Pantera officially disbanded for numerous reasons, but primarily due to the ongoing confrontation between Anselmo and the rest of the band. Rex Brown however always remained neutral during this conflict. Even more disputes continued between Anselmo and Vinnie throughout the years, and to this day, the two do not talk period.

Upon the breakup of Pantera, both Dimebag and Vinnie Paul formed Damageplan, another heavy metal band that included musicians Bob Zilla on bass and Patrick Lachman on vocals. Damageplan only had the chance to record one album however, it was called New Found Power and was released in the February of 2004. On December 8, 2004, Damageplan was playing a show on their tour to support the New Found Power album when Dimebag Darrell was shot dead on stage. His assailant was an apparent crazed fan, an ex-U.S. Marine named Nathan Gale. This occurred at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. Thereafter, Damageplan ceased playing and disbanded.

Since his brother’s death and the disbandment of Damageplan, Vinnie has been working mainly as a producer. He did however establish his first band since then in 2007 called Hell Yeah. They have released two albums thus-far and are proving to be a great metal band of today.
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