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Drummer, Bobby Jarzombek

The life of Bobby Jarzombek

Born in San Antonio Texas, Bobby Jarzombek grew up in an extraordinary family based around music. He began playing around the age of 10 when his mother purchased him a cheap drum kit from Sears for a Christmas present. Shortly after receiving the drum set, he started playing with his brothers Ronnie and Ralph. By the time he was a senior in high school he had already hit the club scene, playing local shows frequently.

He was soon recognized as one of the best drummers in town. He would then join the band Juggernaut and recorded his very first album with them entitled "Baptism Under Fire" in the year 1986. He ended up recording another album with them but then shortly after joined the metal band Riot to record a comeback album called "Thundersteel." He gained a lot of experience with Riot, touring throughout the country and even in Europe and Japan. He recorded a total of 5 studio albums with the band and also a few live albums. Although he remained with the band for almost a whole decade, he took a short leave from the band only to rejoin in 1997.

While with the band, he reconnected with his younger brother Ron, to create WatchTower. They joined forces, along with the bassist Pete Perez from Riot. They went on to record Ink Complete in 1997 and then Ink Compatible in 2004, both highly acclaimed albums. In between these two albums, Bobby was asked to submit a package to vocalist Rob Halford, known to be the former front-man for Judas Priest. Halford loved Bobby's drumming and therefore took him to be his own drummer. Bobby was a part of every recording that Halford released, which included Ressurrection in 2000, Live Insurrection in 2001, Crucible in 2002, and Forging the Furnace (EP) in 2003.

The year after his last recording with Halford, he was asked by Richard Christy to take over his drum duties with the band Iced earth. They were in the middle of a tour in the U.S. which was in support of their new album "The Glorious Burden." He toured with them, and then the following year he decided to help them further by recording their album "The Crimson King". Iced Earth was put on hold for the next few years, but in the meantime he would tour with Sebastian Bach (former Skid Row vocalist) along with Guns N' Roses. He continued to play with Sebastian Bach for a few years.

In 2007, Bobby played with Fates Warning at the Evolution Festival and also filled in for them during their European Tour that same year. In the September of 2009, he also played with them. Before that in 2008 was when Riot bandmember's were to reunite for one last album. They recorded and released it in late 2009. Since then, Bobby has been doing a lot of session drumming and continues to do so. Riot and Watch Tower were both Bobby's best work and what he is most famous for, but besides that, he has made countless other appearances that all helped him become the drumming legend that he is today.

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