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Drummer for Slayer, Dave Lombardo

My ezinearticles biography of Slayer's amazing drummer, Dave Lombardo.

Dave Lombardo is best known as the drummer for heavy metal band Slayer. He has recorded and performed with them for many years, being in the lineup for a total of seven albums so far. His drumming career spans over 25 years, and in that time he has not only recorded and performed in Slayer's lineup, but also in other bands such as Testament and Grip Inc. Lombardo is Cuban, originally being from Havana. Lombardo has been influenced and inspired by many bands such as KISS and Led Zepplin, but one of the first was Santana where he started playing along with bongo drums, rather than one of the usual drum kits you now see him play today.

In 1979, Lombardo formed his first band called Escape, and often rehearsed in his own garage. The band covered songs by various rock bands, from Black Sabbath to AC/DC. Lombardo eventually switched school due to low grades and formed his band Sabotage, which he eventually departed with as his parents noticed he was lacking focus in anything but music. Once talked out of leaving the band by his parents, Lombardo got a job as a pizza delivery boy where he was able to save up the money, with some help from his father, to purchase one of his first high quality drum kits. It cost $1'100, which was far more than any of his first drum kits that were more like a few hundred dollars.

It was on the job that Lombardo was about to enter a new journey into what would be the rise of Slayer. During a delivery, he had heard about local guitarist Kerry King. Lombardo went to meet King with the desire to jam, and they both agreed to do so. Kerry King happened to be on the lookout for a new drummer for his band Slayer, and after jamming with Lombardo he gave him the duties of the drummer for Slayer. From the early 1980s and onwards, the band toured to promote their album Show No Mercy. Lombardo worked in K-Mart during this time as he was constantly strapped for cash. By 1986, when the band was to tour for their album Reign Of Blood, Lombardo quit the band due to not making enough money to pay rent and bills.

During 1986, Lombardo got married to fiancé Teresa. Teresa convinced him to return to the band, in which he did during 1987. Lombardo played for a further five years with the band but left in 1992 due to disagreements mainly with Kerry King. He was unable to tour in September that year due to wanting to witness the birth of his child. Meanwhile, Slayer had a big tour opportunity. They had to continue on without Lombardo, as he left the band all together. For 10 years, Lombardo got involved with new bands and side projects, but was invited to play some shows for Slayer in 2002, in which he excelled in his drumming abilities so much that he became a permanent member again, and has remained in the lineup since.

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