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Drummer Tommy Aldridge

Here is the story of Tommy Aldridge.

Tommy Aldridge is a self-taught heavy metal drummer from Mississippi, USA. He has performed and recorded with a wide array of bands and musicians, with some of the most notable ones being Ozzy Osbourne and Black Oak Arkansas. In recent years he was in Whitesnake's lineup, and also Thin Lizzy's while they toured. When first starting out, Aldridge taught himself how to drum by constantly practicing and experimenting on his drum kit. He was heavily inspired by many bands, including Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Such inspiration always gave him a strong motivation, which is considered to be an important factor in self-teaching as it comes down to self discipline.

From 1972 to 1976, Aldridge recorded nine albums with Black Oak Arkansas, and this involved a lot of big tours. Aldridge went on to be the drummer for Pat Travers Band. He recorded with them over the span of 1978-1981, where a total of five albums were recorded. It was very shortly after this that Aldridge got offered to play in Ozzy Osbourne's lineup. Aldridge was excited to do this and accepted, mainly because of his admiration for Randy Rhoads, a very young and talented guitarist. Aldridge got some good inspiration and influence out of Rhoads. Despite the fact they played different instruments from each other, Aldridge was still able to learn a lot of things from Rhoads that he was able to apply to the drum kit. It wasn't technical lessons as such, but more like becoming the best he can be.

Aldridge was fired by Sharon Osbourne during the 1983 Bark At The Moon tour, but returned to the lineup for the final leg of the tour. This was a year following the tragic death of Randy Rhoads.

Whitesnake hired Aldridge during the 1980s, but Aldridge also formed Project Driver which turned out to be a big failure in several ways. The band didn't survive commercially, and it's said to be what cost Aldridge his marriage, which fell apart at the time. Luckily for Aldridge, he was part of Whitesnake's lineup during their prime years in the 1980s, although they eventually split up in 1989 due to their newer release not doing as well as the previous. However, there was still a strong career ahead for Aldridge, so he was far from retiring the drum kit just yet.

Following his departure of Whitesnake, Aldridge started playing in the lineup of Manic Eden, which included other previous Whitesnake members. When the 1990s arrived, Aldridge started working with a variety of bands including the all famous Motorhead. He continued to tour, and ended up touring with Whitesnake again for a whole 5 years between 2002-2007. Following this, he toured with Thin Lizzy until 2009 when the original drummer returned to the lineup. Tommy Aldridge is a highly talented drummer, and at this stage has a highly impressive track record, which allows him to never be short of work.

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